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25 June 2009
Michael Joseph Jackson, an American singer-songwriter, dancer, businessman, the "King of Pop", died

Born on 29th August 1958, Michael Jackson started his entertainment career as the lead singer of the Jackson5. The band comprised of his brothers who were all older than him, and was run by his father Joseph. The group did very well and the star of the band was undoubtedly little Michael at eleven years of age.
He started singing solo two years later and pioneered the entry of African Americans in to the world of pop and ensured a vast following that gave him instant success. His fans numbered in the millions even though he was just in his teens.

Record breaking
Three of his album which broke records are"Bad", "Thriller" and "Off the Wall", sold millions of copies worldwide and gave him an entry into the record books. Guinness World of Records listed him as the entertainer who was the most successful. During his career he got 13 Grammys with singles that remained on the music charts for a very long time.
Changing his appearance
Michael Jackson's fame and fortune caused him to be the cynosure of billions of people and also led to his being hounded by the paparazzi and his exploitation by the press and media. He was sensitive about is appearance and constantly distressed by his nose which had caused him to be teased about it as a teen, and led him to opt for surgery on it. This surgery was the first of many that he underwent throughout his life.
He had changed his appearance to appear as a white man even though his being a black American had in no way stopped him being the idol of many millions of people, not limited to the United States. His reasons for doing this are a mystery and it is said that if he had kept the looks he was born with he would have gone much further as an entertainer. In spite of the cosmetic changes that he did make to himself, Michael Jackson continued to be cosidered the greatest entertainer in the world.
Dark period of his life
His life took an unfortunate turn when he was accused of child molestation. He was hounded by the media who continued to dwell on the topic even though his innocence was proved. His image in public eyes was destroyed and Michael Jackson legion of devoted fans, could not prevent this damage to his reputation.
His dancing skills have led to many entertainers being inspired to imitate him and his added singing skills made him unique. Michael was of a philanthropic bent of mind and his charities have helped millions worldwide. His death is a huge loss to the entertainment industry and the world at large. He will always be remembered and will be in the hearts of his fans, forever.
His best works
His best works included "For you and for Me", "There Are People Dying", "Make It A Better Place". His works "If You Care Enough", "For The Living", "Heal the World", "And The Entire Human Race", "Make A Better Place" were equally popular.
Michael Jackson was called King of Pop and will always be in our hearts. May his God rest his soul.

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