26 августа 2013 г.

27 August - Global Forgiveness Day

Our world is full of unresolved conflicts: internationally, locally and in our homes. It's not just in distant lands where angry thoughts turn to angry words and then angry actions. The nature and history of human experience is intertwined with conflict and resolution. Confrontation is often our best attempt to resolve conflict, yet a more productive and satisfying solution stares us in the face.
In countless cases, justice has rightly extracted a high price from the guilty party. Whether justified or not, at some point, the human condition - when pushed - will want to push back. Our human nature is to respond in kind, or to respond with greater effect and intent (we want revenge). Obviously this type of escalation can not continue unabated.
It is a clear issue that as citizens of this global village we must stand in opposition to tyranny and injustice, to protect the helpless from the abuser and the innocent from the selfish manipulator.
We need to look closer at the situations where misunderstood words and actions lead to wasted time, energy and resources on unnecessary conflict. And most painfully, there are situations where one party is clearly, even admittedly, guilty of an offense against an intimate friend or family member. Much hangs in the balance in the resolution - past, present and future. This all begs the question, " What is the answer ? What is the solution ? Is it possible to restore a sense of ease and intimacy between those involved ?". To answer these questions in a positive way is difficult. But the solution is the same for each question. Forgiveness is the key. Forgiving allows us to lay down the right to claim retribution (openly or inwardly in our hearts and minds). Forgiving allows us to deal with, and then look past all the hurt and consequences of the offense. Forgiving pardons the offender
and the offense. This does not mean to forget, in fact, we must remember as a way to remind ourselves that we too might be guilty of the same offense.

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