9 августа 2013 г.

+ 32 Celsium (in the shadow), +26 Celsium (water)

Hi! How are you? Today was a relaxing day for me due to the absence of exursions. Tomorrow is gonna to be the same, but i don't like to spare my time for nothing. I was in the centre of Feodosia today. The town is very small (in comparison with Moscow, of course), but beautiful and very-very hot. Here're 3 photos:
St. martyr George's church
Unfortunately Feodosia is not rich of sights, but i was in Aivazovsky Gallery today and i'm planning to go to Alexander Grin's museum - it's close. It was prohibited to take photos in the gallery, but i'd like to tell you about a picture that impressioned me much - "От штиля к урагану" ("From calm to hurricane"):
От штиля к урагану 1892 212х708. Айвазовский Иван Константинович (1817-1900)

This is not my photo! Aivazovsky is one of my favorite artists, and i like his pictures too much, but this picture is something more fascinating and unbeilivable! You can watch it like a movie. When you just stand and look you understand that in this picture you can see more than just a picture - you can see the whole world of the water. In the Gallery the picture is very huge, and you have a unique opportunity to watch all details. I strongly recommend you to come here and see it... Honestly, it's worth!

In conclusion, i'd like to present you photos of St. martyr Ekaterina's church inside:

It's very beautidul, isn't it? So, have a lucky day! See you!

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