10 августа 2013 г.

In the centre of Feodosia

Hi, how are you doing?
My today was spent in the centre of Feodosia, I walked and walked and found some interesting sights. 
First of all I visited Alexander Grin's museum:
It's in the house where A. Grin died in 1932 of stomach cancer. After visiting i passed places where Grin lived in 20s. I love his books and i read them when i was small. The museum looks like a ship. When you're inside it seems as if you're inside the ship. I felt as if gulls cry...it was like in Dublin when we had our lessons we always listened  to them and it was great.
Near the museum i found these:

How do you find them? Do you like?
Here's the mountain in honor of Aivazovsky (2 May 1930) near Aivazovsky's Gallery:

This one is a monument "To the kind genius" - it was devoted to Aivazovsky:

And - "The Aivazovsky fountain". As you see people from Feodosia like the artist:

Then i walked and walked for a long time trying to find the Aivazovsky tomb and at last after asking many people i found it in the territory of Armenian Church. He is buried here with his second wife:

Here's the Armenian Church. It's 1,000 years old! Can you imagine that?

Here's "The place for kisses". Would you like to stay here?

Well, that is my today trip. Tomorrow i'm planning a trip to Bahchisaray - the most beautiful place of Crimea. I won't be able to write about it tomorrow, coz i'll be back late, but with a joy i'll do it in a day. See you! Take care.

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  1. Ой))) И у меня есть почти такие же кадры, правда, сделаны они спустя 4 года после Вашего путешествия... Очень красиво в Феодосии...


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