15 августа 2013 г.

Again Feodosia and "Solnechnaya dolina" ("The Sunny Valley")

Hi everyone!
13 Agust was last day for exursions. But that is for me, because my group is in Kerch today; as for me i burnt my body on the beach yesterday (it was very silly) and decided to stay in my room to relax. Now i'm much better and ready to tell you about my small trip to Feodosia and "The Sunny Valley".

We left uor rooms early in the morning after breakfast and went to study Feodosia. This was our first stop - near the sculpture of saint Andrew, the apostle. We call him "The First-called", because he was the first who became the disciple of Jesus Christ.

Then we crossed road and went to Kazansky temple - in honour of the Kazan icon of  the Mother of God:
It was founded in the 19th century. Closed in 30s of the 20th. During the Second World War it was a  military base for the Germans. After its liberation in 1944 it wasn't closed. This cross:
was on the top of the church in the 19th century. You could see bullet holes - the witness of the Second World War. It was buried, but builders casually found it and the priest decided to put it not to forget about all tragic events.
This is the territory of the temple:
 Then we went to the oldest temple of Feodosia - "The Entry of the Mother of God into the Temple". Here is the photo from inside:
After that we made our way to so-called "Old  Feodosia". This is the territory of trade in old times. There're 3 churches in the territory, but only 1 works - Iverskaya church:
 When people traded they of course took care about their own defence. That is why they built a fortress. This is the main tower of the fortress - "Christos" (Christ):
I'm very small in the photo....
But in the next photo you can see me. I scrambled up...i couldn't help doing this...
 This terrific view is from the window where i was photoed:
 This is another window of the same tower:
 Iverskay church:
Afanasiy Nikitin monument:
 I remembered that it was constructed here because he was there during his trip and he spent here 40 days owing to a quarantine. But why the quarantine was - sorry, i don't remember.
The territory of Iverskay church:
 After that we returned to Feodosia for lunch and saw Konstantin's tower. It was very important in old times and was just near the sea, but now it's in the territory of Feodosia:
 On the way to the Sunny Valley we were in the temple in honour of the Icon of the Consolation of All the Afflicted:
 You can see a white sculpture of the Mother of God. She is keeping Her vail - we call this image "Intercession".
Well, we reached the Sunny Valley and were very surprised when we saw the oldest church - in honour of Ilia the prophet. This church is about 1,500 years! It's very common from the outside:

This is a stone under that there was a body of a priest Peter. He was killed during a Turkish punitive operation in August 1771 here, with his daughter and many men who wished to stay with the priest:
 In the territory of the church:
 When we visited the church we went to swim. It was great! The water was fantastic! After that we made our way home. 
This is a extinct volcano "Karadag" (The Black Mountain):
Well, i hope you enjoyed the photos. I'm very sorry i wasn't in Kerch, but on the other hand i was in Bahchisaray that is very beautiful. 
Tomorrow i'm leaving home. See you! All the best to you!

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  1. Здравствуйте, Светлана Николаевна!
    Как здорово!!! И почему я этого раньше не видела? Мало что поняла (зато честно!), но догадывалась о написанном, ведь как раз сейчас пишу пост про Генуэзскую крепость...

    1. Здравствуйте, Лилия Павловна! Не видели, потому что это так давно было, да и на английском написано. Но видите, как удивительно: статья 4 года спустя всё же нашла своего читателя))) Буду ждать Ваших рассказов!


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